Events in Nieuwpoort

In the summer there is almost daily something organized in (the region of) Nieuwpoort. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.


Begin mei

Tweedaags Culinair evenement in Westende-Bad. Lokale restaurants bieden jullie kwalitatieve gerechtjes aan in de resto-tent. Onze lounge tent herbergt een cocktail-, wijn- en bierbar en een zonneterras. In onze demokeuken geven bekende chefs hun ...

Fishery Weekend


Traditionally, Nieuwpoort is entirely captivated every Pentecost with fishery. For the urban fish market the 'smoefelmarkt', a unique night market with various vendors from around the region is set up on the entire quay square. On Saturday and Sunday there are a whole ...

Beer Weekend

The terraces on the sea front are all about the Belgian Beer Weekend. You won’t forget it. Everywhere you’ll look, there will be beer. A weekend with a friendly atmosphere and a full programme. It’s a weekend you shouldn’t miss. Zeedijk Middelkerke ...

Funfair in Nieuwpoort-Stad

Weekend na Sint Jan (24 juni) en Sint Michiels

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. In Nieuwpoort it is still possible every year, at the end of June and the end of September

Evening market

Every Tuesday in July and August

On a nice summer evening, take a stroll over the Nieuwpoort market. The weekly summer evening markets in Nieuwpoort is there during July and August on Tuesdays from 17:00pm to 22:00. The market stalls are on the Zeedijk or Markt. 03/07/2018 @ Zeedijk 10/07/2018 @ ...


Begin juli

Begin juli vindt jaarlijks het landbouwfeest plaats in in Nieuwpoort. Ook nu weer kan men er de dag starten met een gezond boerenontbijt. Op een feest mag uiteraard muziek niet ontbreken, daarom zijn er de hele dag diverse optredens. Verder valt er voor groot en klein ...

Giants Parade

Triennial Nieuwpoort becomes big, very BIG on the second Sunday in July. A giant procession then goes through the streets of Nieuwpoort. Every time the event welcomes some 100 giants from home and ...

Jeanne Panne Heksenfestival

Om de drie jaar in Juli

Nieuwpoort is een echte heksenstad. In de eerste helft van de 17de eeuw, meer bepaald tussen 1602 en 1652 werden in Nieuwpoort niet minder dan 17 heksen, zowel mannen als vrouwen, op de brandstapel gebracht. Om de drie jaar in Juli herdenkt de stad ...

Peace Concert

Begin augustus

This summer, the 'National Homage to H.M. King Albert I, and the Heroes of the Yser' is going to be organized. Each time on the first Sunday of August. And as the title of this commemoration suggests, it is about an organized event with regards to WWI 1914 - 1918. It also features the peace concert on Saturday. Seize ...


Een beiaard is een muziekinstrument dat geacht wordt in de beiaardtoren te staan, maar in Nieuwpoort wordt het tijdens het jaarlijkse Beiaardfestival eventjes anders. Om de beiaardmuziek zo dicht mogelijk bij de mensen te brengen, zal een mobiele beiaard worden ingezet. De Nieuwpoortse ...

Four-day March of the Yser

Traditionally, the Four-day March of the Yser takes place in the third week of August. The Four-day March of the Yser is an international march, organized by the Belgian Defense Forces. This annual 'military exercise' is open to civilians and military personnel from home and abroad. During this walking event ...

St. Bernard celebrations

End of August

Each year in August, the traditional St. Bernard celebrations take place in Nieuwpoort. A three-day cultural festival with top live entertainment, street theater, a street fair and other entertainment. Traditionally on Sunday there is an annual procession and ...

Sea-Sailing Day

The Sea-Sailing Day takes place in the marina of Nieuwpoort. Sea-Sailing Day is a unique event for families, friends and colleagues. In a relaxed manner, Sea Sailing day wants to get young and old acquainted with sailing on the sea.

Heritage Days

The annually held Heritage Days Flanders takes place in the beginning of September. Places where art and culture was emerged and experienced is the bottom line of the program again. Can't wait to see what's in the program? Then take a look at the theme notes in which the theme is presented. Already mark early August ...

In Flanders Fields marathon

In Flanders Fields marathon (Nieuwpoort -> Ieper) en halve marathon van Nieuwpoort. Ook jeugdwedstrijden en recreatieve jogging.

Belle Epoque Weekend

Eind september

Eind september kruipt Nieuwpoort jaarlijks terug uit de oude doos. In dit jaarlijks weekend keert de badstad terug in de tijd met muziek, kostuums, verhalen en gerechten van 100 jaar geleden. Een gids neemt bezoekers mee op ontdekking langs oude straatnamen. Wat ...

Agriculture Weekend

Eind september

On the Zeedijk, on the beach, you simply cannot overlook the Casino. Here you are presented with real rural life. Displays of farm animals and farming machinery, demos, a country market, degustations of local produce and plenty of animation are not to be missed!

Funfair in Nieuwpoort-Stad

Weekend na Sint Jan (24 juni) en Sint Michiels

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. In Nieuwpoort it is still possible every year, at the end of June and the end of September

Shrimp day

Midden oktober

Halfway through October Nieuwpoort celebrates Shrimp day, which is held every year. During the event there's a lot to do in and around the urban fish market. Everything is characterized by the freshest shrimp of ...


Kom proeven van koude én warme oesters en geniet van een glaasje champagne in de oesterbar van de Nieuwpoortse Blauwe Boei in de vismijn.

Champagne Weekend


This noble drink is very amply represented in De Branding. You can spend an entire weekend getting to know the French champagne growers. This weekend comes with a champagne package and a champagne menu.