Beach Nieuwpoort

Ones that think of Nieuwpoort, always think of sun, sea and beaches too. A coastal town suited for families with a variety of recreation possibilities at or alongside the sand beaches and the boulevard, which is a traffic-free area. A beautiful beach with many activities and cosy restaurants. The beach is very long and the average breadth is 50 meters.

During the high season the beach is fairly crowded, but if you take walk outside the town, you can enjoy the rest and space. The beach is not only attractive for ones that appreciate lying on the beach all day, but it also offers a broad range of activities for active persons.

Beach Nieuwpoort

The beaches of have won already several major awards. IIn 2022 the beach received the international 'Blue Flag' environmental award for the 6th time. It guarantees high quality of bathing water and a well kept clean beach.

Beach Nieuwpoort

The beaches will be cleaned everyday during the summer. Besides the rescue brigade will guard the beaches and warns when there is a dangerous current or wind; a pleasant and safe feeling.


A sunbath or a walk along the beach, playing fun or water sports. The very well maintained, white beaches of will offer you peace and quietness. Optimum facilities will tribute to the comfort and with that the holiday pleasure of the guests. It starts with accessible beach crossings and the lifeguards whom watch over the well being of the guests, with a First aid post nearby. Furthermore the local cafes, terraces and restaurants near the beach will take care of the needs for serving drinks, icecream, lunch and diner.

If the rescue stations are not open, a general swimming prohibition applies. This is clearly indicated with signs 'forbidden to bathe' and / or wind bags. On this page you can check where you can go for a safe splash in the water!

Beach Nieuwpoort

There are many facilities near the beach, such as rental of beach chairs and windscreens, surf equipment, beach cabin, restaurants and bars. You can walk easily to the beach and there is professional surveillance. Furthermore Nieuwpoort perfectly suits for ones that like water sports and are looking for facilities such as a marina harbour and sailing schools. Surfers, divers etc. will definitely have a great time in Nieuwpoort.


On the beaches you will find flags and signs with instructions for swimming. It is wise to take account of these signals. They are there for you!

  • Swimming allowed
  • Swimming prohibited
  • Dangerous sea; Floating Bodies prohibited
  • Windsock = bathing prohibited!
Beach Nieuwpoort

Dogs at the beach

The beach is the ideal destination for many dogs to enjoy. A Frisbee, a stick or a ball can fetch give great pleasure. And what is more fun than making a beach walk with your dog? However, on various beaches are dogs, loose or on a leash, not allowed all year.

honden verbodenDogs are prohibited on the beaches of Nieuwpoort during the period 15 June till 15 September.
Outside of the above mentioned period are only leased dogs allowed on the beaches of Nieuwpoort.

Further, we also recommend reading the information board, with the local beach rules, which is often placed near every beach (entrance).

Nearest beach for dogs at Nieuwpoort

honden aangelijndLeashed dogs are allowed all year:
- from beach Christal Palace in the direction Westende;
- from beach Groenendijk in the direction Oostduinkerke.

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