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Located in the largest water sports area in the country, surf club Windekind in Groenendijk, adjacent to the south of Nieuwpoort-Bad, has been offering a unique and welcoming surfing experience for over 30 years. With ample parking and no breakwaters, surfers can easily access the water. This surf spot is known for its accessibility and friendly atmosphere, perfect for both beginners and advanced surfers.

What can you expect at Windekind?

Experience the Authentic Surf Atmosphere at Windekind Surf Club

With its accessible approach and typical surf atmosphere, Surf Club Windekind is the ideal place for anyone looking for an active day out or a relaxing time on the beach. Whether you want to conquer the waves, improve your surfing skills, or simply relax with a view of the sea, Windekind welcomes you with open arms.

Surfing is not done on the internet but at surf club Windekind!

Furthermore Surf club Windekind is near the following sights: Aquafun Oostduinkerke (±1,6 km), Miniature Golf Sunparks Oostduinkerke (±1,6 km), West Coast Wellness (±1,7 km), Kidsworld Oostduinkerke (±1,7 km) & De IJzermonding (±2,4 km).

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