Lighthouse Nieuwpoort

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Located at the Old Sea Dyke, the Nieuwpoort Lighthouse offers a fascinating piece of history and serves as an iconic beacon for sailors and visitors to the Flemish coast.

What can you expect at the Nieuwpoort Lighthouse?

The Nieuwpoort Lighthouse is not just an important historical monument but also a picturesque landmark that embodies the rich maritime history of the region.


Practical Information


Discover the captivating history and enjoy the serene beauty surrounding the Nieuwpoort Lighthouse during your visit to this special location on the Flemish coast.

Furthermore Lighthouse Nieuwpoort is near the following sights: De IJzermonding (±550 m), Nieuwpoort Marina (±1,7 km), Westgolf Golf Club (±1,9 km), Seastar (±2,0 km) & Kinder Farm De Lenspolder (±2,4 km).

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Oude Zeedijk 2, Nieuwpoort