Seastar - Boat Trip

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At Seastar shipping company in Nieuwpoort, you can enjoy unique boat trips along the Belgian coast and the beautiful River IJzer. This experience offers a perfect blend of relaxation and discovery, ideal for tourists of all ages.

What to Expect at Seastar Shipping Company?

Discover the Wonders of the Belgian Coastline

Seastar shipping company offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the Belgian coast and rivers from the water.

Furthermore Seastar is near the following sights: Kinder Farm De Lenspolder (±500 m), Nieuwpoort Marina (±650 m), Albert I Monument (±1,0 km), De IJzermonding (±1,5 km) & Lighthouse Nieuwpoort (±2,0 km).

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Rederij Seastar
Havengeul 17, Nieuwpoort
tel. 058 232 425 
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