Royal Golf Club Ostend - Golf course

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One of the most prestigious golf courses in Belgium, located in the charming coastal city of Ostend. This historic golf club offers a unique golfing experience combined with breathtaking views.

What can you expect at Royal Golf Club Ostend?

An Exceptional Golfing Experience at Royal Golf Club Ostend

Whether you're an avid golfer or just want to enjoy a day on the greens, experience a day of golfing fun in a royal setting at Royal Golf Club Ostend, where history and modern golf come together.

Furthermore Royal Golf Club Ostend is near the following sights: Baluba Indoor Playground (±3,7 km) & Aqua Mundo (±3,8 km).

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Koninklijke Baan 2, De Haan
tel. +32 592 332 83 
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