Giants Parade 2025


Triennial Nieuwpoort becomes big, very BIG on the second Sunday in July. A giant procession then goes through the streets of Nieuwpoort. Every time the event welcomes some 100 giants from home and abroad.

Nieuwpoort has a rich giant tradition that dates back all the way to the 15th century. The giant tradition has been upheld by the guild for many years. They own a giant family consisting of 8 member. Including:
- Goliath,
- Griete,
- Jacqueline,
- Hendrik Geeraert,
- Karel Cogge,
- Puuptje,
- Rosalinde,
- Jan Turpijn.

Giant Jan is the biggest giant of Europe and is a real mastodon. He is 32 feet tall (10,4 meters), weighs almost 1700 pounds (750 kg), and needs to be carried by 24 carriers. He is an honorary citizen of Nieuwpoort and famous at home and abroad.